Volunteer Opportunity: Circle K International Haunted Fish Hatchery

Volunteers are needed to dress up and scare people for the annual Haunted Hatchery for Circle K International!

The dates are October 26th and 27th from 7:30-10:30 and October 31st from 6-9. Please arrive an hour early and dress in warm clothes, wear dark colors, as costumes are provided.

Halloween Spooky Haunted House Scary Haunted

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22090 Northland Drive

Paris MI 49338 (Paris Park)

If you would like to sign up contact Arianna Lozano at lozanoa@ferris.edu

Also if you are interested in attending it’s $5 for the bottom floor (kid friendly) and $10 for both floors! If you bring a canned good, then it knocks a dollar off (you can bring more cans but max is $1)!