Honors Announcements for 11/2/18

Here’s what’s happening in Honors!

Lunch and Learn

Tuesday, November 6 at 11 AM in PIckell: Gaining Healthcare Administration Credentials at Ferris. Dr. Gail Bullard will talk about how you can get a Master of Healthcare Administration degree at Ferris through a fully online program that can be completed in two years, a bachelor’s in Health Care Systems Administration, a minor in Lean Healthcare or a post-bachelors Long Term Care certificate. Register here.

Peer Mentor Meetings

Would you like to be a peer mentor or serve on the Peer Mentor Program Committee? The Peer Mentor Program makes a huge difference in the transition of honors freshman! Learn more about you can take on these leadership roles.

Information on becoming a peer mentor: Friday, November 2 at 3 PM and Tuesday, November 13 at 11 AM in the Honors Lounge in Pickell.

Information on joining the Peer Mentor Program Committee: Sunday, November 4 at 6 PM in the Honors Lounge.

Rake and Run

The Honors Student Association will have its own group for the Rake and Run event organized by the Student Alumni Gold Club at Ferris on Sunday, November 11 this year. At the Rake and Run, students meet at the Prakken parking lot at 8:45 and then go out into the neighborhoods surrounding Ferris to rake leaves. Many RSOs volunteer as a group. This year, Danielle Hale will be facilitating the Honors Student Association group. To volunteer with the Honors group, sign up for the event here. When asked if you are volunteering with an RSO, say yes and identify your RSO as the Honors Program.

Mamma Mia Tickets

The Honors Program still has free tickets available. Come by to pick one up!

Honors Program Office Staffing November 7 – 9

Peter Bradley will be out of the office from Wednesday through Friday and Cathy Bordeau will be away on Thursday and Friday. We will be at an honors conference!

We do plan to have limited office staffing on Thursday and Friday afternoon.

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