Honors Announcements for 11/14/18

Here’s what’s new in Honors!

Honors Events

The Honors Speech Contest is on Thursday, November 15 at 7 PM in Science 102. The competition showcases the skills of honors students enrolled in an honors section of COMM 121: Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Hear some great speeches while supporting your fellow honors students! This counts as a cultural event.

We have no Lunch and Learns scheduled before Thanksgiving Break. We will have two after break, one on opportunities in the Spanish Program and another on a study abroad course in Austria and Germany this summer.

Honors Housing Information

Students don’t always understand the finer points of how housing works in the Honors Program. Here is some information to keep in mind as you sign up for housing for next year.

The Honors Housing Scholarship is for honors students who are required to live on campus by Ferris. Ferris does not require students to live on campus if they are 19 or older, if they have lived in a hall for two semesters, or if their permanent address is within 50 miles of campus. Students not required to live on campus who opt to live in a hall receive the Stay on Incentive, which is built into the price of their room. The Stay on Incentive represents a larger savings than the Honors Housing Scholarship for a single room. The Office of Housing provides information on those rates.

If Ferris does not require you to live on campus, you are not required to live in an honors hall. However, many honors students enjoy having a quiet single in their honors hall and staying among their honors friends.

Co-Curricular Reminders

Don’t forget to submit your cultural events and service hours on Honors Path! You will find Honors Path on MyFSU on the Student tab. Click on Life@FSU and then on Honors Path under Student Training Resources. The first time you go on, click on Profile and then Update Now.

To keep up with your commitments, you should plan to submit three cultural event reports and 15 service hours each semester. However, we don’t put students on probation for co-curricular requirements at the end of the fall semester. We will look to see that you have submitted six cultural events and 30 service hours by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year.

You can find cultural event and service opportunities on this blog by clicking on “Opportunities” and “Community Engagement.” You might also want to attend cultural events like concerts and perform service in your hometown. Many organizations provide opportunities to help others during the holiday season.

Contact Cathy at CathyBordeau@ferris.edu if you need help understanding or fulfilling your co-curricular commitments.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!