Conversations on Race: #CallThePolice, A Reflection on the Policing of Black People

OMSS is hosting A Conversation on Race, Racial Profiling on Tuesday, November 27. 

Calling the police on Black people is not an isolated issue — it is a national issue. Join us for a candid discussion to reflect issues of the past year, their historical relevance, and solutions that we can implement for the present and future.

The agenda for the 11/27 program:
·         Welcome
·         Overview
of Conversations on Race Series
·         Introduction
of Guest Speakers
– Dr. Christian Peterson (History)

–  Dr. Rita Walters (Social Work)

·   Video
– “Calling the police on Black people isn’t a Starbucks problem. It’s an American problem”

·         Conversation
Dr. Christian Peterson & Dr. Rita Walters
·         Video
– ”Ferris Student Voices on the Issue”
·         Open
·         Closing

About the Series – the Office of Multicultural Student Services invites the campus
community to attend “Conversations on Race” — a campus dialogue series that aims to address events, issues and trends surrounding race in our society. Discussions are scheduled twice each semester, students select the main topics, and OMSS seeks to collaborate
with faculty and student organizations to serve as panelists for each discussion.
*Cultural Event*
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