Fall 2019 Honors Course: ENGL 250: Honors English 2

All English 2 classes focus on research. Students learn how to use library resources to produce a longer documented paper, how to evaluate conflicting claims and evidence to write an extended argument, and how to write papers based on primary research.

Honors English 2 achieves these goals while giving students a large amount of freedom in their approach to assignments, allowing them to realize their commitment to strive for intellectual excellence and autonomy. At the same time, students will benefit from a sense of community in the classroom as they interact with their professor, Dr. Deirdre Fagan, and classmates.

Honors English 2 also engages students outside the classroom. One assignment will allow students to interact with a primary source through the Ferris Art Gallery, The Museum of Sexist Objects, or the Jim Crow Museum and to write an essay considering the object’s cultural, historical, and intellectual significance. Students will also attend two cultural events in order to expand their understanding and appreciation of the arts.

ENGL 250.001  MW 9 – 9:50 Mixed Delivery  Instructor: Deirdre Fagan  Location: STR 222  CRN: 82501

ENGL 250.002  MW 10 – 10:50 Mixed Delivery  Instructor: Deirdre Fagan  Location TBA CRN 82502

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