Medical Scribe Opportunity at Spectrum Health Big Rapids Emergency Department

Would you like to gain clinical experience at the Spectrum Health Big Rapids Emergency Department? Think about becoming a medical scribe!

  • Scribe Training is free and online. Monthly trainings are provided and most are online, so they can be completed¬†remotely from convenient locations and times.
  • Helix offers flexible part-time medical scribe positions to pre-health students (16 hours per week on average)
  • Helix also provides supportive management to scribe employees to optimize their success
  • Valuable experiences working in the local Emergency Department that can be used to apply to health graduate programs
  • Scribes work at the hip of the provider gaining valuable clinical experience while documenting the patient encounter, letters of recommendation, and overall greater sense of confidence in a hospital setting
  • You can get more information and apply at

Deadline for applications is May 5th.