Honors Program Spring Award and Medallion Ceremony

On May 9, 2019, the Honors Program recognized honors students’ accomplishments at the Spring Award and Medallion Ceremony.

The Symposium Award for outstanding symposium posters went to Clare Green for “How Use of Emojis Affects Communication Via Text,” Anna Rivera for “Roosevelt Park Community Development,” Carlye Szarowicz for “Optimization of LC-MS Analytical Methods for Metabolite Profile Characterization of Switchgrass Cultivars,” and Lindsey Winslow for “Purification of BiP-an Hsp70 Family Chaperone that Helps Nascent Proteins Cross the ER Membrane.”

The 2019 Outstanding Peer Mentor is Laura Schnepf and the 2019 Outstanding Professor is Dr. Kristi Scholten.

The 2019 Outstanding Scholar Award goes to the student who best demonstrates the values of the program. We recognized the finalists, Rebecca James, Brittney Rickerson, Joseph Rockwell, Taylor Scheurer and Jonathan Stevens, and the winner of the  award, Victoria Sellas. Victoria was the keynote speaker at the ceremony.

Completing honors students also won awards for outstanding leadership and service. Anna Bron, Amber Hubbard, Jonathan Stevens, and Tess Strasser received leadership stoles, and Samantha Cavotta, April Wilson and Melanie Winkelman received service stoles.

We presented honors cords to students completing an associate’s degree with an honors endorsement: Melissa Birchmeier, Logan Bixman, Lindsay Christensen, Laura Hanson, Brianna Kamyszek, Joseph Lobodzinkski, Alyssa Palomaki, and Christian Watson.

We also presented medallions to students completing the bachelor’s degree with an honors endorsement: Sara Aljajawi, Madison Baker, Erica Bartlett, Anna Bron, Rachael Brummel, Samantha Cavotta, Emily Cortes, Megan Cramer, Taylor Davis, Andrea Gallagher, Clare Green, Caitlyn Hain, Taylor Hare, Ashley Harmison, Samantha Hatfield, Christopher Haupt, Amber Hubbard, Jacob Kaminski, Rachel Lanphear, Brooke Larsen, Casey Lavalley, An Le, Jenna Miller, Trevor Polisuk-Balfour, Anna Rivera, Joseph Rockwell, Taylor Scheurer, Tess Schulz, Taylor Scott, Victoria Sellas, Katelyn Singer, Jonathan Stevens, Jacob Stoops, Tess Strasser, Mari Suokko, Carlye Szarowicz, Marissa VanAlst, Aaron VanderWoude, Melanie Winkelmann, and Lindsey Winslow.

Students who got a 4.0 semester GPA in Fall 2018 also received certificates of achievement.

We are proud of all of our graduates and award winners!