Honors Announcements Week of August 26

We’re excited for the beginning of a new school year! Each week, we will inform you about what’s coming up in the Honors Program, including Lunch and Learns, which count for our cultural event requirement, service opportunities, and meetings.

Lunch and Learn 

We have a Lunch and Learn presentation on Thursday, August 29 at 11 AM in Pickell Hall entitled “The Honors Contract Process.” The honors advisor, Cathy Bordeau, will be talking about how to do an honors contract, in which students do an extra project in a non-honors class for honors credit. This is an option that honors students usually take advantage of starting in the sophomore year, but freshmen may want to learn about them as well. We will also serve pizza. If you need more information or require accommodations to attend, please contact us at honors@ferris.edu. Please sign up here.

Days of Service and Learning

Each September, the Honors Program sponsors a series of service projects facilitated by honors students, who organize details such as carpooling. The first projects have a sign-up deadline of Thursday, August 29. For a complete list of projects, including links to sign up, visit our Honors blog here.

Honors Meetings

Each fall, Dr. Bradley does a presentation geared toward the specific needs of honors students beyond the freshman year. These meetings are very helpful and a great chance to get to know our cool director! If you can’t make your meeting, you’re welcome to go to a different one. It is fine to show up a little late or leave a little early.

New Transfer Students: Tuesday, August 27 11 – 11:50 in the Honors Lounge in the basement of Pickell

Fourth-Year Students: Thursday, August 29 11 – 11:50 in Science 102

Second-Year Students: Thursday, September 5 11 – 11:50 in Science 102

Third-Year Students: Tuesday, September 10 11- 11:50 in Science 126

You can also talk with your honors advisor Cathy Bordeau for help at any time. Visit her in the Honors Program office, email her at CathyBordeau@ferris.eduor call at 231-591-2811.

New Staff

Finally, for returning students, we have a new staff member, Janel DePew, our administrative specialist. She is very helpful and friendly.

We hope you’ll come by and visit us. We have free popcorn on Wednesdays—come and say hi!