Let’s Talk Honestly About Money – A 5 Week Workshop

25% of College Freshmen drop out, and the #1 reason – money problems.

Many families don’t talk about money, and we never get a chance to learn. 

Let’s finally have an honest discussion about money and personal finances—how to get more money and how to save more money.

I’m offering Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance College Edition Workshop – FREE. It offers the most life-changing curriculum available today. 

With a focus not only on personal finance concepts and knowledge, but also practical application that leads to behavior change, the material will empower you to save, budget, avoid debt, and spend wisely. You will take what you learn and start practicing sound financial habits right now while you are on campus, and those habits will serve you well for the rest of your life.

We’ll talk about grants, scholarships, federal work study, and jobs as well as expenses, debt, and your potential future.

1 Hour per week for 5 weeks  Starting Tuesday September 10th from 5pm-6pm. 

Meet in Williams Auditorium.  (We will likely go back to WIL 166, but meet in the Auditorium.)

Interested? Contact Bob Cardana at bobcardana@ferris.edu or TEXT (406) 291-4276.

Interested but would need a different day or time? Let me know that too.