Lunch and Learn: On Balancing the STEM-Humanities Divide

On Thursday, September 19, Dr. Pasquale di Raddo, an award-winning professor of physical sciences at Ferris, will be giving a Lunch and Learn presentation entitled “On Balancing the STEM-Humanities Divide” at 11 AM in the Honors Lounge in the basement of Pickell Hall.

Dr. di Raddo will share his thoughts on balancing the STEM-humanities divide while discussing the history of space flight as represented in postage stamps. As he explains, “If there is one thing that I learned from my own undergraduate studies, it is that an excessive focus on rigorous science and math courses means losing so much else that a more rounded education can provide. This past summer’s focus on celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing by three courageous astronauts, following an investment of billions of tax dollars by our country, tells us about how the (non-military) history of science, engineering technology and the arts can be woven together into a story all too often ignored in schools. Beautiful imagery found on postage stamps from throughout the world are used as the artistic vehicle to recount developments in Sputnik, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, and the men who made it possible, beginning of course in the second world war with Werner Von Braun’s infamous V-2 rockets.”

We will be serving pizza from Jet’s. It is fine if you arrive a little late or leave a little early. If you need accommodations to attend, please contact the Honors Program office at or at 231-591-2216. Please sign up here by Wednesday, September 18 at 4:30 PM.