Thoughts on Honors Contracts from a Real FSU Student

Berani Martinez-Maldonado

“Honors contracts aren’t just about receiving the necessary credit needed- which is how I actually use to think- but it’s about having enriching experiences as well as learning new things that will benefit you in the future.”—Berani Martinez-Maldonado


Struggling to take your Honors credits and stay focused on your career path? Don’t stray off course because you think you have to take the honors courses, do an Honors Contract. What are Honors Contracts you ask? It is an alternative to an Honors class, an opportunity to stay focused and go above and beyond. A way to stand out.

Here in the Ferris State Honors department, you don’t need to try to pick one over the other. Do both. We know you are here for your education and you are driven to achieve certain goals. We don’t want to get in the way of that, we want to enhance that.


Honors Contracts allow students to take a non-Honors class for Honors credit. But, the student needs to complete an additional project to obtain the credits. Honors Contracts are written agreements between you, the professor of your choosing and the Honors Advisor. The project does not have to be strenuous or exhausting. It is an opportunity for you to take control of the specific areas you want to explore, and simply, explore them. Do you want to make an extra bowl on the wheel in your 3D Sculpting Class? Do it. Do you want to film and edit a highlight video of the FSU womens’ volleyball team for your TDMP class? Do it. Does 3D printing a phone case more durable than your current phone case sound interesting? Do it. The possibilities for this project are endless and all up to you.


We have asked FSU student, Berani Martinez-Maldonado what she thinks of Honors Contracts here at Ferris State.

“For this semester’s honors contract I chose to do it once again within my Spanish class. I am going to focus on the translation of medical documents from English to Spanish and vice-versa. I am doing this because of the fact that being able to translate medical documents from one language to other is extremely beneficial, especially in nursing. I can already tell that I am going to have a blast with this contract and it’s all due to the fact that the topic is something that I am not only passionate but also eager to learn about.” – Berani M.

Ms. Maldonado has attended Ferris for two years and quickly fulfilled her Honors credits with Honors classes. But when she ran out of classes that helped her education, she started Honors Contracts. She explained how she was a little nervous about the transition and expresses concern with the whole idea. In the end, she was satisfied with her results and goes on to say this,

            “Bottomline, I would 100% recommend doing an honors contract whether you are in your first year at Ferris, or your very last.” – Berani M.


Have we convinced you? Good!

Although last week was the submission deadline for the Fall semester, it’s the perfect time to start planning an Honors Contract for Spring 2020!

Print your Honors Contract from the Ferris page or click the link below:

Once you have the contract, get with your professor and come up with a plan. Be sure to fill out each part and submit the contract to the Honors Office. Upon completion of your project your Honors credits will be rewarded. Start taking control of your education! Please report to the Honors Office, located in Pickell Hall, for further questions, comments, or concerns.