Featured Spring 2020 Honors Course: Honors Poetry

On National Poetry Day, we are highlighting ENGL 231: Honors Poetry, an honors course offered in Spring 2020.

Dr. Deirdre Fagan, an associate professor of English and an acclaimed poet, is teaching the course, in which students learn to analyze poetry:

LITR 231 – Poetry
Selected poems and poetic forms are studied for themes and elements of poetry and for appreciation of poetic technique. Emphasis on reading methods useful for improving comprehension and appreciation. This course meets General Education requirements: Cultural Enrichment, and new Fall 2017 Culture. Pre-Requisites: ENGL 150. Typically Offered Fall Only, Even Year 
3.000 Credit hours 
3.000 Lecture hours 

This course meets M W 10 – 10:50 AM in STR 222 and also has an online component. The CRN, the code you can use to register for the course, is 10967.

You will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Fagan before registration! She will be doing a Lunch and Learn on October 24 at 11 AM in Pickell in which students will learn to write poetry.

You can check out her poetry online at deirdrefagan.com, including these poems, which were nominated for the Best of the Net award, other award-winning poems, and her new book of poetry, “Have Love.”

You can find a complete list of our Spring 2020 honors courses here.