Featured Spring 2020 Honors Course: FREN 280 Literature of the French World – Honors

Dr. Daniel Noren supports honors students in many ways. He teaches FREN 280: Literature of the French World on a regular basis, he does Lunch and Learns every semester, and honors students often participate in his study abroad trips to Martinique and Guadeloupe.

FREN 280 001: Literature of the French World – Honors satisfies the general education requirements of both Culture and Global Diversity at Ferris:

FREN 280 – Literature of French World
Exploration of Francophone literature in English translation focusing primarily on the colonial era in the African countries colonized by the French, French Acadian literature, and the plantation society of the French Antilles, from 1690 to 1848. This course meets General Education requirements: Cultural Enrichment and Global Consciousness, and new Fall 2017 Culture and Gobal Diversity. Typically Offered Fall, Spring 
3.000 Credit hours 
3.000 Lecture hours 

In Spring 2020, this honors course is offered on Mondays 4 – 5:50 PM in Starr 128 and also has an online component. The course registration number (CRN) is 10958.

Honors students will have a chance to meet Dr. Noren as well on Tuesday, October 15 at 11 AM in Pickell when he does a Lunch and Learn presentation on “The Creole Heritage of Martinique and Guadeloupe.” The presentation will also include information on his study abroad trip to these Caribbean islands, which are a part of France.

You can find a complete list of honors courses for Spring 2020 here.