Lunch and Learn: Poetry Workshop: The Making of Poems

Join Dr. Deirdre Fagan, professor, poet, and creative writer, on Thursday, October 24 at 11 AM in Pickell for a presentation entitled “Poetry Workshop: The Making of Poems.” Dr. Fagan will be teaching LITR 230: Honors Poetry this spring.

Some people think creative writers are born and not made, but just like those in other professions, creative writers acquire the tools of their trade through observation, reading, and studying the techniques common among other writers. Writers join the field by then building their own writing using similar techniques and strategies, and later by inventing new forms and approaches to a particular genre of writing.

In this mini-workshop Dr. Fagan will invite participants to consider the genre of poetry as an acquired craft in an attempt to answer the questions of 1) “How is a poem made?”; and 2) “How can a novice poet get started?” 

Dr. Fagan will share some sample poems for inspiration and talk about some of the techniques exhibited to identify the sorts of tools poets carry in their toolboxes. Then participants will spend some time practicing wielding those same tools while they build some quick poems together. 

Join us for poetry and pizza from Jet’s! It is fine if you arrive a little late or leave a little early. If you need accommodations to attend, please contact us at or 231-591-2216. Please register here.