Featured Spring 2020 Honors Course: ISYS 321: Business Information Systems-Honors

College of Business students have a special opportunity to take an honors course in their Business Core: ISYS 321: Business Information Systems-Honors.

ISYS 321 – Business Information Systems
Introduction to strategic information systems functions. Provides an integrating experience that enables a student to demonstrate the capacity to synthesize and apply knowledge from an organizational perspective. Included are the uses of information technology to grow, expand, and efficiently and profitably manage an organization. Of particular focus are the interrelationships between information systems. An interdisciplinary team project(s) is required. Meets General Education requirements for Problem Solving and Collaboration. Pre-Requisites:ACCT 202 & MKTG 321 & MGMT 301.

ISYS 321 007 is offered on MW 3 – 4:15 in BUS 210. The honors section includes a group service project. Students will be able to count the hours from their service project toward their honors service commitment.

You can find a complete list of our Spring 2020 honors courses here.