What's the hype? The Structured Honors Experience

Each semester, Honors students complete co-curricular requirements in leadership, service and cultural events. It’s a smattering of participation to assure that you are building awareness and engaging in real-world matters.

But what if you are doing something pretty extraordinary, like band or theatre (which takes a lot of time and dedication), but it doesn’t quite fit in the co-curricular box? What if you would prefer deeper involvement in leadership, service or cultural roles instead of a smattering of all three?

Answer:  The Structured Honors Experience

Through a Structured Honors Experience, you create a prospectus (a written document of your intended experience/project for the semester) and through sharing and approval with an assigned mentor (faculty, staff, Honors alum or community partner)—you follow through with your intentions and passions—and then reflect and present a poster at the end of the semester.

Because the Structured Honors Experience is a more comprehensive experience, it fulfills all of your co-curricular requirements for the semester.

Here’s some good news. Structured Honors Experiences can be group experiences, too. Collaborate with your peers to come up with a meaningful experience.

Here’s some really good news. If the Structured Honors Experience is something that you are interested in for this spring semester,  there is still time to join our pilot group.

You may already be doing a qualified activity and just need to make it official through a prospectus and designated mentor:

  • Participation in band or orchestra
  • Participation in theatre
  • Member of RSO executive board
  • Presenting at the MEHA 2020 conference (there is still time to submit).

Additional group projects that are currently soliciting volunteers for the spring semester:

  • Honors Student Council needs volunteers to assist in a research project to explore community building, effective communication, and meaningful recognition.
  • The College of Retention & Student Success needs volunteers to assist in promotion and peer to peer fundraising for the Honors Program and FLITE Library on the university’s annual day of giving—One Day for DAWGS.

Whether you have your own project/activity, or you are interested in any of the opportunities above, contact us at the Honors Program Office and we will guide you through the process!

Honors Program
(231) 591-2216