Multi-channel Promotion for One Day for DAWGS

On Ferris’ annual giving day, April 22, there will be a fundraiser that will be taking donations to help our FLITE library and Honors Program.

Help Needed: 2 Team Members

The responsibilities of the team members needed would be to analyze the prospective donor audience, prepare creative and direct mail, email and social media as appropriate to prospective donor audiences and preferred communication, outreach to students and faculty/staff associated with funds and encourage peer to peer fundraising, build periodic anticipation for 30 days prior to event and live post “excitement and progress” day of the event.

If you are interested or need more information about these special projects, don’t hesitate to contact Janel DePew, Honors Communication Specialist, PIC 142, at or (231) 591-2216. She will guide you through setting up your Structured Honors Experience (which this counts as), be one of your mentors, and introduce you to several Honors alumni of your same majors who have agreed to also mentor for these projects.