Cultural Events and Service Accommodating Social Distancing

Now that we are all practicing social distancing, we have come up with safe and meaningful ways for honors students to fulfill their honors commitments. 

Cultural Events 

You may do any of the following, but you must talk about the event with someone (a friend, family member, online discussion, etc.) and also fill out the reflection portion of the cultural event form on Honors Path. 

  • You can watch any of the streaming films available through Kanopy on FLITE. To access Kanopy, type “Kanopy” in FLITE’s online Smart Search box. Only Kanopy films count as they are culturally broadening and not just entertaining. 
  • You can watch a streaming opera performance at the Met. Every night, the Met will broadcast an encore performance starting at 7:30 PM EDT until 3:30 PM the next day: 
  • You can do a virtual museum visit: 
  • We will be sponsoring discussions of Kanopy films on Google Hangouts. To participate, watch the film we’ve announced and access Google Hangouts at the announced time. We will be sending out an email soon with instructions on how to access Google Hangouts. If you would like to lead a discussion of a Kanopy film, let us know! 
  • The first film will be Lady Bird, a 2017 American coming-of-age comedy-drama about a high school senior and her strained relationship with her mother. Lady Bird was nominated for five Academy Awards and won Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture (Comedy) and Best Actress. Dr. Bradley will be leading a discussion of the film on Friday, March 20 at 8 PM. 


  • You can participate in Ferris’s Oral History Project by sharing your coronavirus experience. Create a video diary of yourself saved in MOTION JPEG 2000, MOV or API (or if you don’t have those, mpeg-4). Your video(s) should document how you are doing classes, any other activities you want to share, how this has changed your experience at Ferris, and how you are keeping up your Bulldog spirit while you are away. Send your video diary to Melinda Isler at
  • You can do service for a friend or family member. Normally Ferris defines service as not done for a friend or family member, but under the circumstances, it’s fine to relax the requirement. Do this only if it is safe. 
  • You might explore ways to do outdoor service, which is safe as long as you aren’t in close contact with people. 
  • Volunteer online at the United Nations: 
  • Volunteer online with the Smithsonian: 
  • Catchafire posts volunteer opportunities based on skill sets needed and the time frame of the task, which can be one day to several months. Volunteers apply for the project and get selected by the nonprofit. Check it out here: 
  • Find online volunteering through Volunteer Match: 
  • If you Google “online volunteering,” you will find other opportunities. 

If you come up with any additional ideas for cultural events and service that accommodate social distancing, let us know!