Honors Students Win Awards at the Virtual Torchbearer Awards Ceremony

Each year, Ferris State University recognizes students for their outstanding service, leadership, and academic achievements at the Torchbearer Awards Ceremony. We would like to congratulate honors students who won awards this year.

The Rising Star Award recognizes students who received leadership training, developed leadership goals, and have begun impacting the community. This year, honors students Emma Franklin, Trevor Roznowski, and Valeria Gonzalez received the award.

The Initiative 125 Award goes to students who logged 125 service hours or more in the past year. This year’s recipients include Katelyn Berens, Byron Brooks, Adam Kociba, Arianna Lozano, Eva Rand, and Allison Roberts.

Arianna Lozano also won the Volunteer of the Year Award, having logged 574.75 service hours.

Byron Brooks won the Community Impact Award, having been nominated by Our Brother’s Keeper, a Big Rapids homeless shelter.

Nia Goins won the Above and Beyond Award given by the Office of Multicultural Students.

The Honors Program recognized outstanding honors seniors. Kathryn Etelamaki and Elizabeth Whiteside were honored as nominees, and Cameron Bourlier received the Outstanding Scholar Award.

The Promesa Scholars Award went to Valeria Gonzalez, Berani Martinez-Maldonado, Jennifer Martinez-Mendez, and Lilia Gonzalez Sandoval.

The Torchbearer Award recognizes students who will be graduating in Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 and have demonstrated outstanding leadership during their time at Ferris. The winners this year include Noelle Kraus, Amanda Lietz, Dylan Tasson, Ashley Harmison, Cameron Bourlier, and Madison Schnell.

Congratulations to all of the award winners—we are proud of you!