Sharing our Coronavirus Stories and Strategies

We invite honors students to share their coronavirus story and the strategies that help them cope. Kanyon Sherrick, an honors student in welding technology who recently completed his honors associate’s certificate, offers these tips:

  1. Focus on the good! In a time like this, it can be very easy to just see all of the negative effects. However, there is good in every situation. Finding and focusing on that good will make for a brighter day!
  2. Foster a passion or interest. With extra time on our hands, take some time to learn more about an interest or to develop a skill you have always wanted to learn. Even in normal times, this can be very fulfilling!
  3. Develop a routine. This is another tip that helps no matter what the situation is, but it is particularly helpful in a new environment. Making a schedule in something like a planner or online calendar helps to keep priorities straight and to get work done!
  4. Set a goal. This goes hand in hand with developing a routine. It is difficult to truly accomplish something without having an end goal in mind. Whether it is a project, paper, or job, setting a goal can help focus time and energy to make working more effective.
  5. Have some fun! No one can work all the time without taking a break, and it is a completely healthy and beneficial thing to let out some stress. Taking a walk outside, calling a friend, or reading a good book after a job well done goes a long way!

These are wonderful tips! If you would like to share your coronavirus story or strategies, please contact us at