Download and Enjoy Honors Student Sean Prusko’s Music for Free!

As a service project in the Honors Program, Sean Prusko created music and made it available for download for free. Check out his most recent house, deep house, dance, and EDM music on Soundcloud:

Sean has benefited from his time at home this semester by becoming more immersed in music: “I’ve played music for most of my life and started producing my own songs about 4-5 years ago. If there’s one good thing I’ve taken from this isolation, it’s that I’ve been able to see myself grow as a producer and musician. With any luck, I hope to have an official release on a record label sometime this summer. There is no one way that I go about creating a song, sometimes I’ll set out with a specific vision in mind, but with the 1st track listed on there (the 220 Kid remix) it all sort of came together by accident, and it turned into something I’ve very proud to share. I like sharing my songs and would be glad to talk to anyone who would have any questions about it.”

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