Office of International Education Global Programs Information Sessions

Office of International Education Global Programs Information Sessions

Megan Hauser TranEducation Abroad Coordinator

Greetings from the Office of International Education!

Are you looking for ways to connect with fellow students locally and globally? Are you interested in finding out about programs that can help you develop global competency and 21st century skills? The Office of International Education (OIE) invites you to information sessions we are holding to tell you more about three ways to get involved:

The Global Competency Collaborative Certificate (GC3) Program: This three-year program focuses on helping students develop global awareness, engagement, and competency as well as 21st century skills. Students have the opportunity to engage with domestic and international students for deliberative dialogues, guest speaker events, and other unique experiences.

The Global Engagement e-Certificate Program: This 10-week program will bring students together to have critical discussions on global issues surrounding sustainability. Students will have the chance to develop intercultural competency, learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, meet new friends from around the world, and gain confidence in have difficult discussions on complex issues. If all program requirements are met, students have the opportunity to earn an e-Certificate.

Study Abroad Programs: By studying abroad, students can learn a language, gain an academic and professional edge, meet new friends, and learn more about the world and themselves. With various university partners around the world, third-party affiliate study abroad providers, and faculty-led programs, students have the chance to study abroad for a year, semester, or for a short-term program.

Join us for an information session to learn more about these exciting engagement opportunities!

Friday 8/28/20 at 1:00pm:

Tuesday 9/1/20 at 11:00am:

Tuesday 9/1/20 at 5:00pm:

Anyone with a disability that needs special accommodations to attend this event should contact the Office of International Education at (231) 591-2450 or at least 72 hours in advance.