Spring 2021 Honors Course List Overview

Honors courses offer enhanced challenges and opportunities so students can develop intellectual autonomy and excellence. Students get the most out of their Ferris education by putting more of themselves in. Choose courses that help you learn independently, think critically, ask penetrating questions and communicate your ideas at a high level—choose courses that expand your experience and stir your curiosity.

To get the honors certificate associated with a bachelor’s degree, students do 20% of their coursework as honors credits once they start the Honors Program or a maximum of 22 honors credits. To get the honors certificate associated with an associate’s degree, students take 10 honors credits.

Students will normally take  an honors section of either COMM 121 or ENGL 250 and honors general education courses in their first two years. However, we understand that students sometimes have transfer credit for these courses or have a major that does not allow this schedule; students are allowed to substitute different honors credits. We know that each student’s goals, programs and circumstances vary, and so we have the following options:

  • Honors contracts are an alternative to Honors courses. With an Honors contract, students do an extra project in a non-Honors class for Honors credit. Contracts must be approved by faculty and submitted to our office by the end of the third week of the semester. The Honors contract form and information are on Honors Path under Contracted Courses. You are welcome to make an appointment with the Honors advisor to discuss this option.
  • Additionally, a credit-bearing study away experience can replace one three-credit Honors experience. Please let our office know if you plan to study away.

The Honors Program is flexible enough to fit each major and any student’s educational goals. Honors should never add an unneeded course to your load, slow your progress toward graduation, or force you to drop a minor.

Starting in Spring 2021, a one-credit HNRS 460 course is required for students completing the Senior Symposium for their honors bachelor’s certificate. The course is an independent study guided by Dr. Peter Bradley, in which students will do research on their symposium topic and create their presentation.

To find Honors classes in Look Up Classes on http://www.ferris.edu, do an advanced search: highlight all the subject matters and select Honors Course under Attribute Type. The following list also provides an overview:

Fundamentals of Public Speaking – Honors

15134COMM 121 0013Fund-Public Speaking HonorsMWF 09:00-09:50 am TBAPaul Zube
15101COMM 121 LV13Fund-Public Speaking HonorsTR 09:30-10:45 am TBAEvan Watts
15102COMM 121 LV23Fund-Public Speaking HonorsTR 03:00-04:15 pm TBAEvan Watts
15109COMM 121 VL33Fund-Public Speaking HonorsTR 09:30-10:45 am TBANeil Patten
15110COMM 121 VL43Fund-Public Speaking HonorsTR 01:30-02:45 pm TBANeil Patten

Honors English 2

13998ENGL 250 V223Honors English 2TBADeirdre Fagan
13999ENGL 250 V233Honors English 2TBADeirdre Fagan
14666ENGL 250 V243Honors English 2TBADeirdre Fagan

Culture General Education Courses

14073FREN 280 VL13Honors Lit of French WorldTBADaniel Noren
14080LITR 203 VL13Honors Intro-African LitTBARebecca Sammel
14081LITR 231 VL13Honors PoetryTBADeirdre Fagan
15090THTR 215 0013Introduction to Theatre-HonorsTR 03:00-04:15 pm TBAKatherine LaPietra

Self and Society General Education Course

14543ANTH 122 VL33Intro Cultural AnthropologyT 12:00 -01:15 pm TBATBA

Math Course

15074MATH 251 VL13Stats Life Sciences-HNRSTBATBA

Honors Senior Symposium (required for students completing the Senior Symposium in the spring)

15488HNRS 460 VL11Honors Senior SymposiumTBAPeter Bradley