Service Opportunity! Decorate bags for Kids’ Food Basket

The Kids’ Food Basket is an organization in Grand Rapids (and Holland and Muskegon) that provides sack meals to food-insecure kids.  We’ve worked with them in the past – last year we had a DOSL to pick food from their 10 acre farm.  

One of their signatures is that they try to decorate the ‘sacks’ going to each student. We also volunteer at the Cook Library Center in the Roosevelt neighborhood, which is one of the distribution points. The Director there said that the kids really love the decorations, and even save their favorites.

In order to collect the grant, they need more decorated bags by Friday. I dropped off 250 bags to each common room this morning. If 25 students in each hall decorate 10 bags, we’ll get there!

Stop by your common room to grab a stack of bags and some crayons. Return them by Thursday at 5 and I’ll pick them up!

The Service Committee has another 250, so if your hall is getting low, let us know. Here are the instructions: