Mid-East Honors Association Call for Papers

The Mid-East Honors Association (MEHA) conference for 2021 will be online! The theme is utopia.

“Utopia” did not originally mean the ‘good place,’ even though that is its contemporary interpretation. ‘Utopia’ literally means ‘no-place,’ or somewhere that is not anywhere.

The pandemic’s restrictions require a placeless conference, unbound from the peculiarities and complications of a host location. Our conference theme for 2021 embraces this placelessness, and asks us to create community in the absence of a physical place. 

MEHA2021 will run from Thursday, March 25th-Saturday, March 27th. While the schedule is still in progress, we will complete all activities before sundown on the 27th.

The conference will be run synchronously using the platform gather.town. More details will be coming, including the registration costs and deadlines. But please feel free to save the date, and share the call for proposals with your students, faculty and honors professionals.

Student proposals:

Students are encouraged to submit proposals! MEHA 2021 will support both posters and presentations. Check out the call for presentations, creative writing, and round tables and the call for posters and visual art.

Faculty/Administrator Proposals:

We will have support for both presentations and workshops, including break-outs and small groups! Check out the call for papers.