Lunch and Learn: the Global Engagement e-Certificate

Join Megan Hauser-Tran of the Office of International Education for a Lunch and Learn on the Global Engagement e-Certificate on Thursday, January 21 at 11 AM on Zoom.

The Global Engagement e-Certificate is a 10-week co-curricular program that brings students together for critical discussions on global issues surrounding sustainability. Students who participate in this program will have the chance to develop intercultural competency, learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, meet new friends from around the world, and gain confidence in have difficult discussions on complex issues. If all program requirements are met, students have the opportunity to earn a co-curricular e-Certificate. *This program does not provide academic credits.

Honors students can apply to use the Global Engagement e-Certificate as a Structured Honors Experience instead of doing cultural events and service for the semester.

All Lunch and Learns count as cultural events. To attend, please register here.