All about Honors courses and experiences

Honors courses offer enhanced intellectual challenges and opportunities to encourage intellectual autonomy. These opportunities allow students to get the maximum out of their Ferris State education by putting more of themselves in. Choose courses that help you learn autonomously, think critically, ask penetrating questions, and communicate your ideas at a high level—choose courses that expand your experience and stir your curiosity. There are four types of Honors courses:

  • HNRS100 is a one-credit course that will introduce new Honors students to all aspects of the Honors Program at Ferris State University, including its mission, history and rationale, as well as the opportunities available to and responsibilities of Honors students.
  • Honors Sections are existing general education courses that are enhanced for Honors students. They are open to all students, but everyone is expected to be engaged at the Honors level.
  • Honors Seminars are specially designed interdisciplinary courses limited to Honors students. They often meet general education requirements as well.
  • Honors contracts are designed to allow an Honors student to take an undergraduate non-Honors class for Honors credit, provided that they complete an additional project\n that demonstrates autonomous learning on the subject matter of the course. Contracts typically require competence or mastery of a specific subject area or technique, rather than specific amount of time spent on a project

For requirements, see Curriculum.