Lunch and Learn: Reading and Writing the Short Story this Thursday

Join us on Thursday, March 11 at 11 AM on Zoom for a Lunch and Learn entitled  “Reading and Writing the Short Story,” presented by Dr. Deirdre Fagan. Dr. Fagan is an honors professor, poet, short story writer, memoirist, and literary critic. She is also the coordinator of the creative writing and literature in person programs at Ferris. In her literature and creative writing classes, Fagan often discusses the differences between reading as a creative writer and reading as a literary critic. She implores students to identify elements of a piece of literature from both perspectives. Creative writers do so in order to model the moves of skilled authors in their own pieces. Literary critics do so in order to write interpretations in their analytical essays. During this Lunch and Learn, the group will together consider whether there is a difference between, say, creating a metaphor and interpreting one, and if so, where that difference lies.

Dr. Fagan will share a poem and a story from her recently published short story collection, The Grief Eater, as a way to inspire the discussion on how stories are made by writers versus how they are analyzed by readers. The reading of the short story will occur in sections with pauses to discuss the various preceding literary techniques, such as character development, plot structure, and figurative language. After raising questions and offering answers to them through discussion, students will also have an opportunity to free write and share what they have written in response to a brief prompt. 

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