PUFFS-A Ferris State Theatre Production

Later this week, Ferris State Theatre will be hosting a virtual show called “PUFFS- Or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic.” This show takes a look at a rather popular boy-wizard’s story from the perspective of the PUFFS, some of the less-acclaimed students who happened to join him for seven years of education. If this sounds interesting to you, consider watching one of the showings for FREE through either of these links: https://ferris.edu/arts & https://ferrisstate.booktix.com The showings are March 18, 19, 20 @ 7:30PM, and March 21 @ 2:30PM.

Reasons why you should see the show, provided by playwright Matt Cox:

“1. You’re a Potter Fan!
Puffs is the story of Wayne Hopkins: a regular boy who finds out he’s a wizard and goes to school in England where he makes two best friends and has adventures. This perhaps sounds familiar. But, Wayne and the other Puffs simply want to learn how to be wizards and avoid attacks by evil wizards. 

2. You’re a Fan of Laughter And Maybe Went To A School At Some Point In Life And What’s This Potter Thing?
Yes, the play most certainly brims with familiar and non-familiar wizards, but it is ultimately a story about growing up—which, I believe, we have all done at some point or other. It’s a story about going to school, trying to make friends, and not being very popular…all the while the most famous kid in the world sits next to you in class. Plenty of people with zero Potter knowledge have had fun too.”