Featured Honors Class: PSYC 331

If you’ve already taken PSYC 150 and are looking for a Self and Society class, think about taking the honors section of PSYC 331, Psychology of Personality:

PSYC 331 – Psychology of Personality
Individual differences and review of basic theoretical orientations to the understanding of personality and complex human behavior. Overview of related techniques, procedures, and findings of personality assessment and research. Discussion of critical issues in evaluation of personality theories. This course meets General Education requirements: Social Awareness, Race/Ethnicity/Gender Issues, US Diversity and Self and Society and Collaboration. Pre-Requisites:PSYC 150. Typically Offered Fall Only
3.000 Credit hours

The honors section is:

81298PSYC 331 0023Honors Psych of PersonalityTR 1:30 – 2:45 PMFelix Smith

Curious how the honors class is different? It is smaller and involves more independent work. Dr. Smith aims for more seminar than lecture.

You’ll get to know Dr. Smith better as well. He is a really fun and engaging professor! If you’d like a sample of his style and humor, check out the recording of his Lunch and Learn on the Dark Triad: Psychopathy, Narcissism, and Machiavellianism in the Honors Program Canvas shell in the Explore module. Watching it counts as a cultural event as well.