Spring 2021 Awards and Honorees

Every year, we give out awards and Honors to recognize the outstanding achievements of our completing students either at the Associate level or at the Bachelor’s level.

We’ve had a social media festival over the last week where we recognize each student in turn, but today we’re going to give out our major awards.

Outstanding Peer Mentor

Brooke Castillo has maintained a positive relationship with her mentees through frequent zoom meetings, and has continued the mentor-mentee relationship into the Spring semester. She helped her mentees register for classes, as well as when they were struggling with some of the course content.  She exemplifies the Peer Mentor role.

Outstanding Professor

The Outstanding Professor of the Year is Mary Beaudry. The students recognize her as a wonderful and kind person. In their words “She made learning enjoyable and encouraged us to be better in ways I never even thought of.”

Leadership Stoles

Byron Brooks has had a great impact as a leader at Ferris, in Big Rapids, in Michigan, and beyond. He has addressed homelessness across the country through his nonprofit, From the Hood For the Hood. He also helped found the Big Rapids Social Equity Initiative and is a member of the Board of Directors of Our Brothers Keeper. At Ferris, he is the vice president of MEBA and the social justice programming coordinator in OMSS. He has led and supported many campus initiatives.

Allyson Faulkner is an outstanding leader at Ferris. She has been the president of the Student Government Association since 2019. She was also the president of the Panhellenic Council and has held many other officer positions in numerous organizations, including the FSU Forensics Team, the Student Alumni Gold Club, and Alpha Sigma Tau. She was a deliberative dialogue facilitator in the Office of International Education and has served on many university committees as well. In addition, she helped found the Social Equity Initiative in Big Rapids.

Grace Jipping has made a great difference as a leader in the Honors Program. She has been the chair of the Service Committee for two years. Over that time, she has increased the number of service projects that the committee organizes and established procedures. She is also the secretary of the Honors Student Council, the secretary and incoming president of Kappa Psi, a Student Government Association representative, a Student Alumni Gold Club member, and a Pre-Pharm D Club member.

Madeline Keely is a prominent leader in both the Honors Student Association and the Student Nurses’ Association. She is the chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. Many honors students have benefitted from her guidance and oversight of the honors contract program. She is also the president of the Honors Student Council, keeping all the honors committees on track to succeed. In addition, she is president of the Student Nurses’ Association. One of her notable accomplishments is the creation of an endowed scholarship for organization members.

Service Stoles

Mary Firestone has made service a habit during her time at Ferris, fulfilling an Honors ideal. She is the lead volunteer at the Animal Rescue Coalition of Mecosta County, where she has served for two hours each week over the last two years as well as supervising other volunteers. She is also the secretary of Pet Savers. She has averaged 50 service hours per year in the Honors Program.

Makenzie Hoffman has shown her spirit of service and leadership in many organizations. She has been an honors peer mentor and served in a leadership role on the Honors Peer Mentor Committee since 2019. She is also the president of Phi Alpha Delta, the pre-law fraternity, and the Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. She is a member as well of the Society of Scholars, Panhellenic Council, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Her outstanding campus engagement has included many volunteer hours that have enriched our community.

Elizabeth Whiteside has developed an excellent service record in the Honors Program. She volunteers regularly at Cran-Hill Ranch, where she has welcomed guests at Winterfest, participated in the Spring and Fall cleanups, and volunteered as a cabin leader for the horsemanship weekends. She also does service at Fellowship Christian Church. She volunteered over spring break repairing storm damage in North Carolina as well. She has recorded 160 volunteer hours in the Honors Program.

Outstanding Scholar

Outstanding Scholar Finalist

Oren Whiteside is an Accountancy major with a minor in Finance. Oren has volunteered as a tutor for Accounting for his Accounting Association RSO, as well as Spectrum Health Hospital in Big Rapids, Michigan; Cran-Hill Ranch in Rodney, Michigan. Over the past semester, he has taught me about the fascinating field of AI forensic accounting–a knowledge base that will serve him well in the future, I am certain. He was also recognized as the 2020 College of Business Student Excellence Award. Congratulations Oren.

Outstanding Scholar

Ally Faulkner majored in Political science with minors in Economics and International Studies. She has run track for all 4 years. Her leadership roles are vast, including being the only person ever re-elected to the student government presidency. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau, the Panhellenic council, the Student aLumni gold Club and has participated in Leadershape as both a participant and an assistant coordinator. SHe has participated in international conferences in both Peru and Germany and national conference for the Newman civic fellows. Her commitment to Ferris is extraordinary, serving on the Provost search committee, the strategic planning committee and the current CASE dean search committee.  She is an outstanding example of the ‘all the things’ aspiration of Honors, and we are happy to recognize her as the 2020 outstanding scholar.