Lead an Honors Service Project this Fall!

The Honors Program is recruiting facilitators for a series of service projects in September and early October called the Days of Service and Learning. The projects will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and will last between three and nine hours. The honors advisor, Cathy Bordeau, will be planning the projects and organizing PR, sign-ups, and materials, and honors student facilitators will take the lead in executing the projects.  

Projects include cleanups at CranHill Ranch, Camp Newaygo, an assisted living facility, the shore of the Muskegon River near campus, and local parks; getting the local homeless shelter ready to be opened before their guests arrive; and service at the Big Rapids Community Library, the WISE women’s shelter, and Angels of Action.

Facilitators attend a training session during the first week of the semester, contact students who volunteer for the project, organize carpooling, get materials from the Honors office, oversee the project, lead a reflection activity, and return materials to the office. 

To sign up to be a service project facilitator, please fill out this form: 


This role satisfies the leadership requirement for the honors bachelor’s certificate, and all the time you spend executing the project, including training, counts for service hours. 

For more information, please email Cathy at CathyBordeau@ferris.edu