Lambda Kappa Sigma: A Professional Sorority for Women in Pharmacy and Pre-Pharmacy

All honors students are required to join a registered student organization before the end of their first year, and many honors students end up having leadership roles in their RSOs. The Honors Program is happy to support RSOs by publicizing their recruiting messages. Here is one from Lambda Kappa Sigma:

Women in Pre-Pharmacy, Lambda Kappa Sigma wants you! Lambda Kappa Sigma is a professional sorority that focuses on elevating and empowering women in Pharmacy. We are composed of women in both pre-pharmacy and pharmacy, and while we are a professional sorority we also have social rights on campus. This means that we are still able to participate in Greek Week and mixers with the other Greek organizations. However, your education is always our number one priority. We offer textbook exchange programs with older members, as well as mentorship programs with graduate students and alumna. LKS also offers a wide range of service and leadership opportunities, as well as professional development events (which count as cultural events!) which apply to your honors program requirements. Not only will LKS benefit you in your academic lives, but the benefits will only carry on into future careers as well! 

Interested in joining? Come out and meet us at one of our recruitment events! Or contact Macy @ or 269-543-7141. 

Upcoming Events: 

  • Study with the Sisters,  Tuesday 9/21 from 5-6pm in FLITE 133
  • Desserts with Dr. Hancock, Tuesday 9/21 from 7-8pm at 15180 Oakwood Dr., Big Rapids MI
  • Sister Speed Dating, Thursday 9/23 from 11am-12pm in FLITE 133  “