Dr. Inge Auerbacher – Holocaust Survivor and Author this Thursday

The Arts and Lectures Committee is hosting a webinar with Inge Auerbacher, a Holocaust survivor and author, this Thursday, January 20, from 7 – 9 PM on Zoom. You will find the Zoom link here.

Inge Auerbacher was born on December 31, 1934 in Kippenheim, Germany as the last Jewish child born in the village. She remained an only child. She experienced Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass) as a three-year-old child. She was imprisoned from 1942 -1945 in the Terezin concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. Inge and her parents survived these terrible years –a miracle. But, at least 13 immediate members of her family were killed, and many more distant relatives, bringing the total to at least 20. Inge is the only child survivor from the State of Wuerttemberg who was deported from Stuttgart, Germany to the concentration camps.

Inge is the author of the following 6 books, and has been published in 9 languages: I Am A Star – Child of the Holocaust, Beyond the Yellow Star To America, Running Against the Wind, Finding Dr. Schatz – The Discovery of Streptomycin And a Life it Saved – Co-author Dr. Albert Schatz, Highway To New York, and Children of Terror. Many of her poems are published and set to music. Please use the Zoom link to join the webinar.