Big Rapids High School Band Recruiting Volunteers for October Events

The Big Rapids High School band program is recruiting volunteers for two very large events in October. The first is a marching band invitational on Saturday, October 18th. Volunteers will be needed from 2 pm until around 10 pm when it finishes. Volunteer jobs include working entry at the gate, assisting with parking, working concessions, guiding bands to the correct location at the correct time, etc.

The second event is the Marching Band Festival, also at Big Rapids High School, on the evening of Wednesday, October 12th from 2 pm to 10 pm, although shifts are possible if volunteers can’t work the entire time. Volunteer jobs would be the same as above.

Volunteers may have to complete a background check to volunteer per school rules but it would be free and just require completion of a couple of forms.

To volunteer or learn more, please contact Sarah Hinkley at