Senior Symposium 2014

The senior symposium ask students to develop an original contribution to the knowledge of their chosen profession or discipline.  While it is not always easy to conduct ‘research’ as it may be traditionally understood as an undergraduate, our students have been wonderfully creative in how they connect their work to their interests. All of the posters were interesting — and they represent the wide variety of programs and areas of study available here at Ferris.

Senior Symposium Winners from 2014:

Honors Alumnus Tyler George - Tyler George  Graduated May 2014 B.S. in Applied Mathematics  Honors alumnus, Tyler George, made the most of his Honors experience and succeeded in capturing the 2014 “Best Symposium” award for […]
Group - Seniors Fall 2014 (Photos courtesy of The Honors Program at Ferris State University) Fall 2014 Senior Symposium - On Wednesday, December 3, five students made their final presentations as Honor students when they participated in the Fall, 2014 Senior Symposium. Seniors Kaitlin Allinger, College of Health Professions; Matthew […]
Lauren Steinhaus, “Could the Drug that Saves You Kill You?” – Senior Symposium Winner, 2014 - Could the Drug that Saves You, Kill You? Bacterial infections are quite common and prove not only to be a nuisance, but also potentially lethal if not properly treated.  The […]

Symposium Gallery 2014: