Lunch & Learn: Your GPS to Success


Based on CC-licensed work from wikimedia commons:

Based on CC-licensed work from wikimedia commons:

Mickey Albright, Coordinator of Student Career Services from the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services is presenting a series of Lunch & Learn events; “Your GPS to Success.” Here is the concept:

 Sept 25, 2014                    Title: Your GPS to Success

Topics: What is your destination?

Go – You’re in the driver’s seat

Pause – When you face detours

Speed – Accelerating toward your career aspirations

October 30,2014               Title: Your GPS to Success II

Topics: What kind of vehicle are you?

Getting the Test Drive

Presenting yourself as polished

Selling yourself for top “Blue Book” value

November 20, 2014         Title: Your GPS to Success III

Topics: How long to reach your destination?

Getting into traffic

Performance Evaluation

Selecting the “right turns”

These sessions will encompass all aspects of the Career Development model:

Self – Assessment

Developing Skills

Marketing Yourself

Job Performance

We will be serving Jets Pizza and pop for lunch. To RSVP for this event, please contact Sharon Goss at by noon on Wednesday, September 24. This is a series of events; the RSVP you submit for this event is for the Thursday, September 25 event ONLY. You must RSVP for EACH INDIVIDUAL SESSION THAT YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING!