Study Away Italy

Senior Honor student Abigail Timmerman traveled to Italy with the Study Away Program this past summer which was partially funded by a scholarship from the Honors Program. All Honor students in good standing are eligible to apply for the Honors Funded Travel Scholarship found on the Honors website. Below Abi shared her photos, as well as a description of her trip.

Image 1 is the Lemonchello factory on the island of Capri.

Image 2: Wine tasting in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The vineyard we toured was very cultural and romantic.

Image 3: dinner on the island of Capri at one of Dr. Caserta’s friends restaurant

Image 4: Climbing to the very top of the island Capri, very steep incline but definitely worth it once we got to the top!

Image 5: Venice, Italy. There was so much water and history there, I am very glad I was able to be there with amazing friends!

Image 6: Hiking along the coast of Anacapri, Capri

Image 7: The Coliseum was amazing, pictures cannot even capture the beauty, depth, and history of the building.

Image 8: First day in Italy was in Rome, and we took full advantage of it by touring all of the ruins. This is a group picture of the 2014 year Italy trip!