Participate in Haven: Online Sexual Violence Prevention Program

Photo Courtesy of: Stop Rape by Cloud-A-Day-Stock: assault&tbs=sur:fm#tbs=sur:fm&tbm=isch&q=rape&facrc=_&imgdii=_&

Photo Courtesy of: Stop Rape by Cloud-A-Day-Stock:

To encourage a healthy and safe environment, Ferris State University has implemented an online sexual violence prevention program called Haven to educate students about healthy relationships, sexual health, sexual assault, and prevention of sexual violence.

This interactive online program allows students to better understand the ethics of relationships and the role of alcohol with regards to the giving of consent as well as access to resources and information about bystander intervention and the discredit of sexual assault myths.

Students are strongly encouraged to take part in this program before August 31st by visiting and entering registration code f7cf4da7