Summer 2016 Registration

Early registration for the Summer term begins Monday, January 18, 2016 starting at 7:30am. 

Dates for early registration are assigned according to hours earned prior to the beginning of Spring 2016 semester.

Early Summer 2016 registration with priority registration as outlined below:

  • Monday, January 18 – everyone with preferential registration, Graduate students, 1st Professional and Seniors (86 credits or more)
  • Tuesday, January 19 – Juniors (56 to 85 earned credits)
  • Wednesday, January 20 – Sophmores (26 to 55 earned credits)
  • Thursday, January 21 – Freshmen (0 to 25 earned credits)
  • Friday, January 22 – open to all and will remain open until the close of Summer registration on May 20, 2016

Advising hold for Fall semester will be added in February and will prohibit registration for both Summer and Fall until cleared.

For more information on how to register, please contact the Honors Adviser, Charlie Malone, at 231-591-2811 or via email at

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