Cultural Event: International Festival of Cultures

The 28th annual International Festival of Cultures will be held on Sunday, April 10 from 1-5pm in the University Center 202 and hosted by the Office of International Education and sponsored by the President’s Office. Ferris has more than 500 International students from 40 different countries taking part in the 2016 festival. The International Festival of Cultures supports the efforts at Ferris State University to bring global awareness to the campus community and celebrates the variety of cultures present on our campus. Students will be preparing and serving sample-size recipes from 30 different cultures with the help if Ferris State University Dining Services.

The festival will also include displays, fun activities, and entertainment such as henna, dancing, singing, and games from around the world. In addition, Artworks will be collaborating to host a children’s arts and crafts room. We invite the whole campus and the surrounding communities to join for this annual tradition. The Festival is held every year on the second Sunday in April to celebrate and share the multitude of cultures that are present on the campus of Ferris State University. Admission is free but tickets to sample food are 50 cents each.

For more information, please contact Lisa vonReichbauer at 231-591-2838 or via email at

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