Current Student profiles

Information for Honors Students currently in the program, including forms and requirements, can be found at

Honors students pursue a wide variety of interests and career paths. While we will never be able to do justice to the wide variety of accomplishments of our students, we try to feature some of them here from time to time.

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Construction, Architecture, and Engineering Alumni Available for Mentoring on The Medallion - If you are an Honors student in the Construction, Architecture, Engineering or related programs, there are Honors alumni available on The Medallion to contact for questions, networking and mentoring. The […]
Regional Networking: MEHA 2020 Call for Submissions - This year’s conference is designed to bring participants together in a meaningful way to find our futures. As such, we invite ambitious and forward thinking proposals. The Mid-East Honors Association […]
Essential Honors Student Meetings for Spring 2020 - Welcome Back for Spring 2020! During the first few weeks of classes, the Honors Program Office and the Honors Student Council have student meetings for you to attend in order […]
Over 11,000 student conferences, journals, internships/co-op/research, and funding opportunities in one place. - The Honors Program at Ferris State has recently partnered with Student Opportunity Center (SOC)—which offers a site like Kayak or TripAdvisor to find over 11,000 student conferences, student journals, internship/co-op/research, and […]
“9 to 5” Theatre Auditions - Honors students can gain Cultural Events credit for participating in university theatre productions.
Seeking Nominations for the Outstanding Professor Award and Outstanding Peer Mentor Award - The Honors Program seeks nominations for our Outstanding Professor Award and Outstanding Peer Mentor Award. The Outstanding Professor Award is given annually to the professor who most inspires our students. A […]