LITR 306: Literature & Culture of the Non-Western World

..  mysterious, lovely  ..  ancient, modern  ..  magical, strange … unforgettable.

Discuss stories from far-away lands in a relaxed, friendly setting!  Materials will include folktales, songs, art and cuisine, stories and poems by natives of Australia, Burma, Persia, Vietnam, Martinique, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Senegal, Tibet, Mesopotamia and India — the indigenous voices of the post-colonial world.

LITR 306: literature & culture of the Non-Western World; MWF 2:00 – 2:50 p.m.; Dr. Rebecca Sammel

This course meets General Education Requirements for

  1. Cultural Enrichment
  2. Race-Ethnicity-Gender
  3. Global Consciousness
  4. Writing Intensive

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