Scholarship Poster Competition

The writing is on the wall…our population is aging.

It is estimated that the over 65 age group will represent 14.1% of the population in 2017 to over 21.7% in 2040. By 2050, over 83.70 million Americans will fall into this category, which is more than double the 65 and older in 2012. This population will have profound effects on health care, government, politics, law enforcement, building design, auto design, education, social work, business, music, etc. Everyone will be affected by this worldwide change in population.

A juried, poster board scholarship competition will be held April 7-8, 2016 at Ferris State University in conjunction with the Conference on Aging, Health Fair and Public Health Week. To participate in this competition, you will need to create a poster that illustrates how your area of study or future profession will be impacted. The deadline for entry forms to participate is 5pm on Friday, March 18, 2016.

Please email to have the entry form, judging guidelines and poster board design requirements emailed to you. If you need further details or have questions on the content, please email Scholarship award amounts will be released in the next two weeks.