Honors Course List – Fall 2017 – Overview

Honors courses offer enhanced intellectual challenges and opportunities so that students can develop intellectual autonomy. These opportunities allow students to get the maximum out of their Ferris State education by putting more of themselves in. Choose courses that help you learn autonomously, think critically, ask penetrating questions and communicate your ideas at a high level—choose courses that expand your experience and stir your curiosity.

Honors students strive for intellectual autonomy and academic excellence so that they may be prepared to contribute to the advancement of their chose professions. Typically, honors students complete 10 credits of Honors coursework, though for transfer students this may vary. To fulfill this commitment students will earn at least a ‘C’ grade in two Honors elective courses by the end of their second year, after completing HNRS 100 and COMH 121. Student who have already fulfilled their COMM requirement will simply take an additional Honors elective fitting with their academic program. We know that each student’s goals, programs and circumstances vary, and so we have the following options:

  • Honors Contracts are an alternative approach to this commitment and can turn any non-honors course into an honors experience. The contracts must be approved by the Honors program and agreed to by faculty and submitted to our office by the third week of the semester, please make an appointment with the Honors Advisor to discuss this option.
  • Additionally, credit bearing Study Away experiences can replace one 3-credit Honors experience. Please let our office know if you plan to study away.
  • If your program requires you to take your course work at a later time, please work with the Honors Advisor to process a deferral. This is often the case for students in Education or Technology; it is simple for us to develop an individualized plan for completion.

Please know the Honors Program is flexible enough to fit each major and any individual’s educational goals if they are interested in completing with Honors. Honors should never cost you additional money by adding an unneeded course to your load, nor should it slow you down or force you to drop a minor.

COMH121 – Public Speaking Honors courses:

COMH 121 Sections

Credit Hours

Time Location
Section 001 – Patten  3  TR 9:30-10:45am  JOH 102
Section 002 – Patten  3  TR 12:00-1:15pm  JOH 102
Section 003 – Sanders  3  MW 4:30-5:45pm  JOH 102
Section 005 – Smith  3  TR 3:00-4:15pm  JOH 103
Section 006 – Zube  3  MW 3:00-4:15pm  JOH 102
Section 007 – Zube  3  TR 1:30-2:45pm  SCI 117

Fall 2017 

Course (General Education Requirements) Professor

Credit Hours

Time Location

ANTH 122-003 81754 Intro to Cultural Anthropology (Race-Ethnicity-Gender, Social Awareness Foundations, Social Awareness, Self & Society Foundations, Self & Society) M.E. Rodriguez


TR 4:30-5:45pm  STR 236

FREN 280-001 81927 Literature of French World (Culture and Global Diversity) D. Noren


T 4:00-5:50pm  STR 230

LITR 202-001 81906 Black Literature (Race-Ethnicity-Gender, Culture, U.S. Diversity) R. Sammel


MW 11:00-11:50am  SCI 132

LITR 240-001 81909 Intro to World Short Fiction (Culture and Global Diversity) J. Cullen


MW  4:00-5:45pm  STR 216

LITR 231-001 81908 Poetry Honors (Culture) D. Fagan


MW 9:00-9:50am  STR 214

PSYC 331-001 81477 Psychology of Personality (Social Awareness, Race-Ethnicity-Gender, Diversity, Self & Society) TBA


MW 3:00-4:15pm  STR 232
SOCH 341-001 81757 Community Studies (Social Awareness, Race-Ethnicity-Gender, U.S. Diversity, Self & Society)  3  F 1:00-3:50pm  STR 138
HNRS 290-001 83157 Athens in 403 B.C. (Culture) TBA 

HNRS 290-002 83158 The Trial of Galileo (Culture) TBA

HNRS 290-003 83159 Charles Darwin Rise Naturalism (Culture) TBA

 1  TR 4:45pm – 5:50pm  ASC TBA
 ENGL 250-004 81858 English 2 Honors (Written Communication) D. Courtright-Nash  3  MW 10:00-10:50am  STR 109
 ENGL 250-005 81860 English 2 Honors (Written Communication) D. Courtright-Nash  3  MW 11:00-11:50am  STR 109
 ARTH 110-002 80715 Prehistory thru Middle Ages Honors R. Foulk  3  TR 4:30-5:45pm  IRC 107

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