Cultural Event: Leadership Etiquette Dinner

Over 70% of all business deals and major decisions are made during a meal or at a restaurant. Therefore, skills on how to handle a meal with tact, finesse, and proper etiquette are extremely important. To help teach students these skills, the Faculty in Hospitality Management will be holding an Etiquette Dinner in conjunction with leadership week on Thursday, March 23rd from 5:00 to 10:00pm in University Center 202. The Etiquette Dinner will engage students in an interactive learning opportunity on how to eloquently handle an important meal with an employer, graduate school representative, or other important people in a 5 star dining environment. A national etiquette keynote speaker will be speaking about how small acts make a big impact, and a dining etiquette professional will be giving invaluable insight during the dinner.

This event is free but you will need to sign-up beforehand. In order to reserve a spot for this event, students must per-register through to the CLACS office by emailing