Volunteer Opportunity: R.A.V.E

RAVE Logo. Courtesy of the Volunteer Center at Ferris State University. https://orgsync.com/18804/news_posts/214289

RAVE Logo. Courtesy of the Volunteer Center at Ferris State University. https://orgsync.com/18804/news_posts/214289

Relief After Violent Encounter (RAVE) is a domestic and sexual violence organization that offers free and confidential services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Ionia and Montcalm counties. They are in need of volunteers for opportunities ranging from direct to indirect service activities. Below are opportunities for volunteers.

Direct Service Opportunities: (providing service that directly involves clients)

Direct Service Opportunities require up to 30 hours of training and a background check. Depending on the level of interaction with clients will determine the length of training required. 

  • Childcare – This individual will provide childcare to children while their parent is participating in services such as individual counseling, case management and support groups. Support groups are held weekly and they will need volunteers on Tuesdays from 3-4pm, Wednesdays from 3-4pm, and Thursdays from 11am-12pm.
  • Shelter Group Activity – This individual would coordinate and facilitate an activity for the residents to participate in. This opportunity could be offered to adults, children or both. This is a flexible opportunity and could look different depending on the volunteer’s interest/skills. Activities could include arts and crafts, sports, story time, games, group exercise, baking, stress relief/management activities, etc.
  • Domestic Assault Response Advocate (DARA) – This volunteer will provide crisis response to domestic and sexual assault victims immediately following an assault. A DARA volunteer would respond to a secure crime scene, hospital or local police department.
  • Residential Service Advocate – Assist women and children in RAVE’s residential facility by providing emotional support and advocacy, responding to needs. This individual would also answer the crisis line in the shelter.
  • Meal Assistance – This individual will assist with menu planning and meal prep for the shelter. RAVE receives many food donations such as canned and boxed goods. Ideally, this volunteer would utilize the items RAVE currently has and assist women with meal planning around these items. This volunteer could create recipes and prepare meals with the women and is welcome to eat their prepared meals with the women and children.
  • Life Skills Coach – This person could provide the women and children with some needed life skills information such as budgeting, nutrition, health, taxes, house keeping, mindfulness, childbearing etc.
  • Transportation Advocate – This volunteer would provide transportation to clients who may not have their own form of transportation or be able to afford public transport. This individual would provide transportation for clients to appointments, housing/apartment tours, job interviews, court hearings, etc. with the Ionia and Montcalm counties.
  • Internships and Field Experience – Internships and field experiences are available for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Depending on the interest and need of the person and RAVE-I/M, Inc. would determine the placement and focus of the experience.

Indirect Service Opportunities: (providing services that do not involve clients)

  • Skilled Labor Volunteer – RAVE-I/M, Inc. is always in need of people who have a skilled trade. From roofing to remodeling bathrooms, whatever it is chances are we could use the help.
  • Home Preservation Inside/Outside – This individual may have a passion for cleanliness, lawn care and upkeep, gardening, and house organization.
  • Donation Upkeep – This volunteer would care for their donation room. This individual may organize, pickup/drop off donations and track inventory.

For more information or to sign up to volunteer, please contact Claire Hopkins at 616-225-1995 or via email at . 

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