The Value of Honors from Melanie Trinh

Melanie Trinh. Courtesy of the photographer.

Melanie Trinh. Courtesy of the photographer.

Honors student, Melanie Trinh, graduated fall 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Pharmacy. Melanie is currently working on her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the Ferris State University College of Pharmacy.

“My time at Ferris has definitely been enriched by being in the Honors Program. During my freshmen year, I lived in an Honors building with many fellow pre-pharmacy students — my peer mentors and suitemate as some of them. We lived in a very supportive and encouraging environment, which made the transition to college much less daunting. Four year later, my friends from freshmen year and I are still encouraging one another, while getting through pharmacy school together.

The sense of community in my residence hall drove me to a 3-year career in the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Working in an Honors hall, I have been able to draw from many of my own experiences to better serve the students in my building. From a professional standpoint, I have developed several soft skills in this position that I will need as a future healthcare provider. Other opportunities I have pursued because of Honors, like presenting to the National Society of Minorities in Honors and volunteering in Hout Bay, South Africa, have only fueled by passion for helping others.”     – Melanie Trinh, Class of 2016


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